Our Goal

Make our customers successful by eliminating and taking over all of the technical challenges from their business.

About the Company

Cerbo IO was founded in late 2014, originally under the name of Compute Monkey, with the vision of bringing cutting edge technology to small and mid-size businesses and solving challenging technical problems for startups, while eliminating the frustration and hassle that comes with rapid growth. In 2015, Compute Monkey became Cerbo IO, with an expansion into the large enterprise and government sectors.

About the Founders

We are extremely passionate about technology, and we crave difficult and challenging technical problems, which we solve with unique and custom tailored solutions. We bring a combined 55 years of experience within startups, government and academia, and large-scale global enterprise environments, across the fields of networking, systems, virtualization/cloud, distributed services, and security. We also bring hundreds of connections with subject matter experts, so no problem is too large or too difficult.