Cerbo IO offers fully managed platform for leading databases in their cloud along with:
  • Reference architecture proposals
  • Managed service lifecycle instantiation configuration support, from application to infrastructure, compliant with ITIL/ITSM.
  • Professional Services -- up in the application stack, and across environments.
  • Flexible business model with service/contract agreements


  • Managed Hardware
  • Managed Compute/Network/Storage Services
  • Managed OS and Application Layer, including Software Updates
  • Preconfigured Distributed Databases (Vertica, Accumulo, SciDB, Spark)
  • Development Framework (Python, R, Scala)
  • Full Stack Visibility and Correlation between Database Application Performance Monitoring and Management, and Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
  • Flat Rate Monthly Billing w/o Overages


  • Managed SciDB compute cluster with shared or dedicated options
  • Professional services in developing SciDB user-defined functionality
  • Training for R and Python programming for SciDB